MR. Awais Ahmed Baryar (Contractor)

Building something isn’t hard but making something under the supervision of professionals with understanding their work that are really hard. We are trying to bring a new trend/style in our selected area under the supervision of a well-known & professional architect. My team will not let our vision down & I am sure we will learn a lot from professionals who have an eye on each moment of us.

MY vision is;

  • No compromise with Material.
  • Provide our Client A++ Grade Construction.
  • Re-Check each and every part after Finishing.
  • Use durable & long-lasting products with a warranty.
  • Special color selection for each villa.
  • Privacy of each villa.

MR. Awais Ahmed Baryar

I am building a villa with total attention because I have to provide a warranty for each item which I have used in each villa so I will not let my group name down for anything.

Handling a laborer is such a hard part in this country and my team is counting on me and I will not let my team down or image of us down by making any minor mistake.