About us

Baryars Proudly Present Baryars Villas

A luxury lifestyle for special peoples, We are the group from overseas, and nowhere in our home country, we are presenting a small community that will be easy to handle for us.

We will be the one who is presenting the theme of villas according to the overseas & also we will provide facilities like them with some help from our professionals…

Our team is totally professional and working hard on this project only to provide our clients with something very special and durability.

Our designs are under the process of approval from our Government soon we will load up the plan of E block layout & elevation after getting approval from every department.

We are also trying to provide our precious client with Islamic bank finances of 10 to 20 years because we believe everyone has a right to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Our preferences are overseas or if any local is willing to be a part of it then 1st we will check out his background history just because we want our community Tension-free and peaceful.

About electricity backup, we have a plan that means our community will never be in the dark we have power back for the community and villas.

We will handover the villa when we are totally satisfied with its construction and finishing.

My team has designed it by focusing on complete security means no one can enter our community without having permission from the villa owner. Every corner is covered by high vision CCTV cameras and an intercom that will be connected with every villa.

There is also a special discount for overseas & Decent Families about that we can talk on the table. Our prices are high just because we are providing A++ Grade construction & also because of the facilities which you can read in our feature section.

We are selling what’s ours not like other societies that play with their client’s money. The client has a complete right to check a document of what he is buying.

If you are an investor or a buyer so feel free to contact us any time.

Stay in touch for more updates….